[Eagles] Raptor Migration - Nepal - Autumn 2012

Raptor Migration - Nepal - Autumn 2012

Raptor Migration in NEPAL - Autumn 2012 - final report
Our Final Report on Autumn 2012 Raptor Migration in Nepal is available for free download here: ... nalReport.Nepal.pdf

Best viewed by doing a two page spread: in Adobe Acrobat/Reader just go to View ---> Page Display ---> Two Page View

The report is 20 pages long - mostly photos of raptors in flight with some landscapes. If you ever wanted to know how to distinguish between Black-eared Kite (ssp. lineatus) and the Black (Pariah) Kite (ssp. govinda), we show you how in several photos...and if you ever wanted to age Steppe Eagles - we show all plumages from juvenile (first) through adult (approximately 4th to 5th plumage).

After reading the report, if you want to see more images of Nepal's raptors etc., have a look here:

double-clicking on individual photos will enlarge each considerably.

Regards from Nepal, Thailand and NYC - we would love to have you visit us in Nepal - information is provided in the report for how to do so (see page 18),

Tulsi Subedi (Nepal)

Robert DeCandido PhD

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