[Hong Kong] 大浪西灣告急


《轉載自facebook: 林超英 Lam Chiu Ying-大浪西灣告急 》






立即行動! ... ing/129250193901719


Tai Long Sai Wan Emergency!

《Extracted from facebook: 林超英 Lam Chiu Ying-大浪西灣告急 Tai Long Sai Wan Emergency》 **Translated version**

Please email LegCo members, tell them the majority of Hong Kong people find it important that Tai Long Sai Wan becomes part of the Country Park, ask them to vote against the "repeal of the Chief Executive Order to incorporate Tai Long Sai Wan into the Country Park", otherwise they are neglecting the public's interest and they will lose your vote during the next election.

You can also add two or three things on the importance of Tai Long Sai Wan, and inform them the incorporation of Tai Long Sai Wan into the Country Park will not affect villager landowner's rights.

Lau Wong Fat's phrase "Officials stealing citizens' property" is either a misleading idea or a misunderstanding, in the past there have been two small applications into Country Parks, both of which were approved by the Country and Marine Parks Board.

Lau Wong Fat is misleading people by saying "Conservation without compensation".  The Country Park Ordinance provides a mechanism for compensation.  If villagers apply for a small house, and other departments approve but the managing department rejects the application, then the villager can receive compensation.

Act immediately!


I've just written to LegCo members, have you?

Do so before December 4th!  This is when LegCo will meet to decide the faith of Tai Long Sai Wan.

LegCo member emails at be found at: