[Hong Kong] 蒲台: 港燈擬建風車場 Po Toi Windmill development

蒲台: 港燈擬建風車場 Po Toi Windmill development

蒲台島候鳥高峰月或不復現 港燈擬建風車場

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A brief English wrap up:
Hong Kong Electric has plans to build windmills at Po Toi island to meet the electricity demand of the inhabitants.  Currently, the island's electricity supply solely depends on generators.


This is quite a sensitive issue for the local inhabitants of Po Toi. There are already notices on the island asking people to sign a petition to provide Po Toi with electricity and water.

Any new system for either electricity or water cannot be cost-effective given only about 20 individuals are genuinely resident there, although at weekends there are many more. The existing generator only works overnight but there is no reason why it cannot run all day. Currently the diesel is provided free by PCCW to charge their telephone system on the island.

It may be that HKE have a longer term plan in mind.

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