[Hong Kong] 干擾鳥巢Disturbance to bird nest

干擾鳥巢Disturbance to bird nest



Last week, there were reports of suspected human disturbances to an active bird nest at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, where a tree branch is put in front of the nest entrance, disrupting the adults which are feeding the chicks.
The Society would like to take this opportunity to express our concerns for this incident and to condemn these harmful behaviors. The Society calls for all birdwatchers and photographers to put the welfare of the birds first during their bird watching and photographing activities.

Please note, disturbing a nest is a violation of the Wild Animals and Protection Ordinance (Cap. 170).  Any person who contravenes the regulations of the Ordinance shall be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and to imprisonment for 1 year. If you see these activities, under safe conditions, you can consider intervening but if that is not possible, please contact the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department as soon as possible.
The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has been informed of this and will intensity their monitoring work. We hope our fellow birders will help keep an eye out for this, thank you.