Request for 2014 records

Request for 2014 records

Every year, HKBWS publishes an Annual Report listing all species recorded in the year and details by species. Although we take records from the website, we may miss some and it’s always better to get records direct from the observer.

So why not send in your best 10 or 20 records from 2014?

All you need to do is complete the worksheet ‘2014Records’ in the attached Excel file

and send it to me at

The Excel file contains the following worksheets –

2014Records – an empty file for you to fill in with your own records
Sample Records – some of my own records for guidance

Only records from the year 2014 are required.
If you don’t know the Species Number, leave it blank – the name in English is enough.

Please complete the file and send it to me as soon as possible and latest by 28th February. If I can receive them by that date, or earlier if at all possible, we can assemble the report within the timetable.

If you have any questions or problems, please come back to me.

Thanks for your help

Geoff Welch