(outdated過期) 香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds - 2015-01-12

(outdated過期) 香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds - 2015-01-12

最新修訂的"香港鳥類名錄"(連中文名字) - 2015-01-12

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以下是由紀錄委員會於1月12日最新修訂的香港鳥類名錄(第I-II類),共有4個新增種類:新增 <Brown Noddy> 和 <Crow-billed Drongo 鴉嘴卷尾>至第 I 類及把 <White-tailed Robin> 及 <Russet Sparrow 山麻雀>由第 III 類移至第 I 類。

*Brown Noddy 及 White-tailed Robin 的中文名稱仍在處理中,故會於稍後時間才可更新。

Latest "List of HK Birds" with Chinese Name  - 2015-01-12

Four changes to the Hong Kong List main Category I-II was made at the Records Committee Meeting of 12th January, the addition of Brown Noddy and Crow-billed Drongo to Category I and White-tailed Robin & Russet Sparrow moved from Category III to Category I  

With this change, the HK List increases to 530.
*The chinese name of Brown Noddy and White-tailed Robin still pending, they will be update later.

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