[Hong Kong] IUCN Red List Update

IUCN Red List Update

In the recently updated IUCN Red List, 24 bird species were uplisted to threatened categories (including Vulnerable, Endangered and Critically Endangered), including 7 species to Critically Endangered. In addition, 16 species were uplisted from Least Concern to Near Threatened, the situation is worrying. Luckily, 23 bird species were downlisted to lower categories because of successful conservation work and research.

Twelve of these newly-uplisted threatened species could also be found in Hong Kong and some of them are common migrants to Hong Kong. For example, the Great Knot (uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered) is a common passage migrant and scare winter visitor. Far Eastern Curlew (uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered), showed in this photo, stop-over in Hong Kong during Spring and Autumn migratory periods. Due to the rapid development of coastal areas in East Asia, especially in Yellow Sea, the drastic habitat loss of intertidal mudflats lead to the drastic population decline of migratory shorebirds. Urgent conservation actions are needed for those birds in this area.

Except those waders, the statuses of some well-known species were updated also. The Alantic Puffin was uplisted from Near Threatened to Vulnerable and the Helmeted Hornbill in rainforest of South-east Asia a focus of this Red List update. This species is known to be targeted by hunter for its feathers and ivory-like casque. Scientist suggested that more than 6000 birds was illegal hunted every year and many of them were traded to China. Habitat loss is another threat to drive this large species to extinction. The Helmeted Hornbill was uplisted from Near Threatened to Critically Endangered, indicating that the situation of this species is grim. Please do not buy any product made of hornbills.

Some other birds outside Asia are also under threat of extinction. There are 6 African vultures uplisted to Endangered or Critically Endangered, including the White-headed Vulture which is uplisted from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered. The major threats of African vultures are indiscriminate poisonings and illegal hunting, the current situation of these African cultures is not optimistic.
Please see the following link of website of BirdLife International for more information:

The following is birds in HK List which is included in recently update of IUCN Red List
Steppe Eagle (uplisted to Endangered)
Far Eastern Curlew (uplisted to Endangered)
Great Knot (uplisted to Endangered)
Horned Grebe (uplisted to Vulnerable)
Common Pochard (uplisted to Vulnerable)
Streaked Shearwater (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Eurasian Oystercatcher (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Northern Lapwing (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Bar-tailed Godwit (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Red Knot (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Red-necked Stint (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Curlew Sandpiper (uplisted to Near Threatened)
Eurasian Roller (downlisted to Least Concern)