Lung Fu Shan Winter 2015

Lung Fu Shan Winter 2015

Scarlet Minivet - female x 1

Before this day, I also saw one female at the same place, but no male.

5-12-2015 (updated)

Asian paradise flycatcher x 1
Black-Naped Monarch x 1 female
Black-winged Cuckooshrike x 1
Grey-headed flycatcher x 2
Olive-backed Pipit x 3

Grey-headed flycatcher x 2

10-12-2015 (updated)
Grey-headed flycatcher x 1
Daurian Redstart x 2 (one female and one male)

Grey-headed flycatchers seem quite active and can be observed easily these days though the weather was not good.

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Good information.


S L Tai


Is this the first record of Scarlet Minivet from HK Island?


One was recorded about two years before, but in Chai Wan. ... &extra=page%3D2


I had also seen scarlet minivets 5 years ago in Lung Fu Shan near the environmental education centre, both male and female.


In May 2014, I also recorded a female scarlet minivet at HKU campus. All I found were female. Did anyone saw the male in HK island?


Red flanked bluetail x 2 female

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Dec 19th
Chestnut bunting male X1


Lung Fu Shan

Date : 20/12/2015
Venue: University of Hong Kong Campus
       Grey-headed Flycatcher x 1
       Pygmy Wren Babbler x 1
       Wild boar x 3
       Lung Fu Shan
       White-cheeked Drongo x 1
       Blue Magpie x 3
       Black-throated Laughing Thrush x 3
       Olive-backed Pitpit x 1
       Black-faced Laughing Thrush x 5
       Black-winged Cuckoo-Shrike x 1

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Grey-headed Flycatcher.jpg (96.62 KB)

21/12/2015 03:26

Grey-headed Flycatcher.jpg


The Pygmy Wren Babbler is interesting. Did you see the bird or just hear from its call?


I have been going to the same site twice. The first time, I only heard its call. The second time, I heard its call and saw it clearly. Unfortunately, it was too dark for me to click and it disappeared immediately. I shall go again and if possible get a record photo.


24 Dec 2015
Birds on this day seem quite excited.

Grey-headed Flycatcher 2

Asian brown flycatcher 1


5 Jan 2016
1030-1300, cloudy and drizzle(morning)

Silver-eared Mesia x 9
Red flanked bluetail x 1 male
Black-Naped Monarch x 1 female
Daurian Redstart x 1 female
Ashy drongo x 1
Common Buzzard x 2
Mountain tailorbird x 1(heard)
Asian Stubtail x 2
Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler x 3
Chestnut bulbul
Black-throated laughing thrush
Blue Magpie
and other common resident species

Not at survey time:
Common black bird x 2 (HKU campus)
Crested Goshawk x 1



scarlet minivet 1 female
ashy drongo 1


Having spent most of my time in HK in the NT I have only been exploring LFS for a couple of months. I had not appreciated how recently Scarlet Minivet has moved in. I see the species most days but so far I have not photographed a male and only seen one once. It is useful going back through old posts to see what crops up here and what I might expect to see. Its not an easy patch to work. I saw no Chestnut Bulbuls until about 3 weeks ago - now they also pop up on most walks. I presume these are winter visitors supplementing the resident population.