[Oversea] 尋找彩色環誌的鵐 Watch out for colour-ringed Buntings

尋找彩色環誌的鵐 Watch out for colour-ringed Buntings




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Rapid declining population trends have recently been found for Yellow-breasted Bunting and Rustic Bunting, but knowledge about their migration routes and survival rates is still very limited. During breeding season in 2015, a colour-ring study was started in Far East Russia with seven male Yellow-breasted Buntings and Rustic Buntings ringed. Three out of seven individuals safely returned to their breeding grounds in 2016. To compare survival rates among sympatric breeding species, Black-faced Bunting, Chestnut-eared Bunting, Common Reed Bunting and Japanese Reed Bunting were included in the study. During spring and summer 2016, almost 200 buntings were equipped colourful ring combinations. All birds ringed in this study have one colour-ring above the metal ring on one leg, and two colour-rings on the other leg. Used colours are black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white and yellow.

Autumn migration has begun, may bird watchers and photographers please report to us if you have encountered any ringed buntings. Please provide in the email the bird species as well as the colours of the rings on both legs (it would be good to have photos) and send to

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