全港麻雀普查 2018 - 招募普查員

全港麻雀普查 2018 - 招募普查員




全港麻雀普查 2018
日期:2018年5月5日(六)、6日(日)、12日(六) 及/或 13日(日)
時間:上午9時至 10時正(持續1小時)

時間:上午9時30分至 12時正
地點:施子清伉儷演講廳 (LT-2) 香港城市大學


We frequently find “sparrows” being part of our city life. Do you find yourself being familiar with them or just  having a vague idea of who they are? How much do we know about these neighbors living close to us? Eurasian Tree Sparrows once lived in farmland and grassland in village areas, staying close to people. When they found that staying near where people live would give them more food . Sparrows with strong adaptability overcome the difficulties to live in such manmade place  with high-rise buildings and find themselves a safe place to raise their young.

Conducting a census will help us learn about the distribution of and preferred nesting place of sparrows. It helps us build a very important foundation to monitor their population in a long run. “Citizen Science” has been an international trend for having greater public participation. Researches on birds are not solely the work of ornithologists (i.e. bird experts). We would like to invite and train up members of general public to take part in scientific investigation and conservation work. People can get involved in scientific research while enjoying the fun of bird-watching. Let’s gather the power and wisdom of all people, and work on conserving our birds and their habitats in Hong Kong!

The sparrow census, now into its third year, welcome all of you to join!

Sparrow Census 2018
Date: 5 May, 2018 (Sat); 6 May, 2018 (Sun); 12 May, 2018 (Sat); and/or
13 May, 2018 (Sun)
*Can pick any day(s) for the survey at your convenience
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (1 hour)
Location: Data is collected using line transact method in the Census. Each line transact is composed by a 1-kilometre census route. The census routes cover all 18 districts in Hong Kong.

Pilot Census
Date: 8th April 2018
Time: 0930-1200
Location: Mr and Mrs Sze Chi Ching Lecture Theatre (LT-2), City University of Hong Kong
Details: We will conduct a sparrow census together that day to let you know more on the survey skills and method.

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