W1, K6, BP, E?

W1, K6, BP, E?

Mudflat outside Northern Floating Hide, Mai Po Nature Reserve

Common Redshank W1

Marsh Sandpiper K6

Common Redshank BP

Pacific Golden Plover E?

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Common Redshank W1 was ringed on 26-Oct-2019 as an adult, last seen on 29-Feb-20. Welcomed to see it back to Mai Po again.

Marsh Sandpiper K6 was ringed on 30-Sep-2019. It was recorded many times from Nov-19 to Apr-20 at both Mai Po and Shenzhen. Recorded again in Oct-20 in Shenzhen. First report at Mai Po side this season.

Common Redshank BP was ringed on 5-Jan-2019. It was reported frequently until Apr-2019, then seen again in Nov-2019 and Mar-2020. 2nd report of this season.

Pacific Golden Plover E?: we have only used E4 and E5 on this species and it can be worked out from the photo that it is E4, ringed recently on 15-Oct-20, 2nd report.

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