Various Banded Birds seen on 18Apr2021

Various Banded Birds seen on 18Apr2021

18Apr2021 MaiPo


Terek Sandpiper V1

Great Knot J2

Eurasian Curlew C0

Pond 16/17

Marsh Sandpiper P2

Marsh Sandpiper J4

Marsh Sandpiper T7

Common Redshank BC

Common Redshank DW

Common Redshank AP

Common Redshank AK


Esther, thank you so much for all these sightings.

Terek Sandpiper V1 was ringed at Mai Po on 7-Apr-2020. Good to see it returned again.

Great Knot J2 was just ringed a week ago on 11-Apr-2021.

Eurasian Curlew C0 is a bird successfully rehab. by KFBG. It was relased and flagged on 17-Apr-2021.

Marsh Sandpiper P2 is now 10 years old. It was ringed on 17-Sep-2011 as a 1st year bird. It was reported wintering at Mai Po almost every year.

Marsh Sandpiper J4 was ringed on 10-Nov-2018. It was sighted in Dec-18 and Oct-20. This is only the 3rd resighting.

Marsh Sandpiper T7 was ringed on 20-Sep-20, seen in Jan-21 and 12-Apr-21.

Common Redshank BC was also ringed on 20-Sep-20, reported in Feb and Mar as well.

Common Redshank DW was ringed on 14-Feb-2021. It is carrying a GPS tag. This is its 1st resighting.

Common Redshank AP was ringed on 20-Sep-20. It has been reported from Mai Po, Nam Sang Wai and Shenzhen Futian Nature Reserve.

Common Redshank AK was also ringed on 20-Sep-20, seen only once on 16-Oct-20.

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