塱原觀鳥事宜 About bird watching in Long Valley

塱原觀鳥事宜 About bird watching in Long Valley




現時我們的雀鳥調查安排於逢星期二早上7:30至10:15 進行,如大家準備在這些日子到塱原,歡迎預早數天聯絡我們,以便作出適當安排。
電話:2377 4387  電郵:yvic ky@hkb (請先刪除空白鍵)


Dear Birders and Photographers,

As you may know HKBWS is carrying out a wetland management agreement (MA) project in Long Valley. The project includes a Bird Monitoring Programme in which bird survey will be conducted regularly in Long Valley. Bird survey usually carried out once a week starting from 07:30 and finishing at 10:15 in the morning.

Since the result of bird survey is crucial to the conservation of Long Valley. In order to have more accurate bird count, especially no. of birds, species and habitats that birds often utilize, we would like to co-ordinate with birders and photographers, such as try to shift the survey dates if clashed with birders’ or photographers’ visit, so that the bird survey can be finished accurately.

Currently, the surveys usually carry out on Tuesday during 7:30 – 10:15a.m. If birders / photographers are going to visit Long Valley on these days, please feel free to let us know few days prior so that we can have proper arrangement.

Tel: 2377 4387  Email: yvic ky@hkb (please delete space)
Contact person: Miss Yeung.
Thank you very much!

HKBWS Office