Request for Raptor photos

Request for Raptor photos

Dear all,

I am a Thai birder and runs an NGO devoting to study of migratory raptors in Thailand, called Thai Raptor Group (TRG). I am in process of producing a photographic guide to migratory raptors in Thailand. Since bird photographers on this webboard pertain quite high-quality of raptors in SE Asia, I would like to request for contribution of raptors photos for the book project. There will be a photo fee of $40/photo or copies of the book may be chosen as courtesy for permission of photo use.

For those agree to contribute, please submit raptors photos (in size of 480x600 pixel, jpeg file) to so that I would be able to select ones that are suitable. The raptors should be either in flight or at perch, if both available, please submit both, although any posture/species are fine as well. And if there is one species in different plumages, such as Aquila eagles with different ages, I am interested to have a look at such variation in plumages as well. The photo may not need to be taken in Thailand or SE Asian countries, just species that can be found in SE Asia i.e. Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambudia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia, and they can be taken in other sites of raptor hotspots such as India or Middle East. The book is provisionally due October 2007.

Species in need:
all asian Vulture species
Pallas' Fish Eagle
White-tailed Eagle
Hen Harrier, female plumage
Pallid Harrier, male plumage
Greater Spotted Eagle, fulvescens morph at perch
Tanwy Eagle
Peregrine Falcon, in flight and at perch shots
Eurasian Hobby

Apology for cross posting.

All the best,
chaiyan (aka trogon)

Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Kasetsart University
Bangkok, Thailand