[Hong Kong] Using live bird to frighten other birds

Using live bird to frighten other birds

Long Valley
17.1.2009 (1.30pm)

We saw a struggling Masked Laughingthrush on a farm land. Initially, I suspected the bird was trapped or accidentally entangled by the loose nylon string. We tried to help it from the entanglement. However, I found that this bird seemed to be being tied up on its leg by someone deliberately as I found a knot on the nylon string. I guess someone use this live bird to alert other birds from feeding on the vegetable. I immediately reported the case to AFCD.

I think it is not uncommon at the farm land here as it was the second time I saw.

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CWChan - thanks for your prompt action.

It is illegal to trap wild birds and hang them like this. Farmers said the bird will be released shortly. But in reality the birds get injured during trapping, often hanged without water and food, and eventually die.

Birders are advised to report AFCD immediately when they see this happened. As far as we know, Govt has zero-tolerance for this wild bird trapping, which is claimed to be crop protection.



This is absolutely a criminal offence under the HK Laws Cap 167.
Besides contact AFCD, should also report to Police immediately throught 999


Dear cwchan,

Thank you very much for reporting this case and taking these photos for record. Would you mind sending the photos to for our record?

I was there yesterday afternoon leading eco-tours.  I didn't know that you have reported to AFCD and I released the bird once I discovered it. Luckily one of the tour guides had scissors with him and I cut the string.

This is the first time I found this kind of case that using live bird to frighten other birds in Long Valley. Please kindly also report to HKBWS if this kind of issue happen again.
Thank you very much!