[Hong Kong] Killing and Abuse of Wild Birds 虐殺濫殺無辜

Killing and Abuse of Wild Birds 虐殺濫殺無辜

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2 thrushes were found tied to strings at a Strawberry farm at Lau Shui Heung today.  They were released but only one was able to walk away.

虐殺濫殺無辜 引自


當大家心情壞估計誰人弄的(好事)又發現另一邊又有一隻情况一樣.幸好牠在樹桿底部.雖然爭扎的牠也可花盆中歇息.我一於走過去幫牠解綑.感到牠氣力比前一隻好,當鬆解途中牠自己一走了之.....好好..快d飛不要再回頭(我這一趟還算及時).但不幸的還有多少呢!誰人做的:em014 :em014 :em014 :em014


It's very clear that this kind of killing has been going on over in HK for many years, long since it was offically banned.

How terrible when, like this, the unfortunate victims are birds which have performed massive,awe-inpiring  migrations to reach us.

Can someone please translate that in to Chinese for me,

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Mike Turnbull




Mike Turnbull

W 中譯


Assisting Wildlife

Hi All,

Just a quick post to remind all you birders that the Wild Animal Rescue Center @ KFBG is always ready and willing to assist in cases like this one.

If any wildlife is in questionable health or even needs a quick once over please feel free to get in touch for advice or bring the birds along to our facility.
We will do our best to get them back to full health before returning them to the wild.

Call: 24837136  to get put in touch with relevant rescue center staff.

Also it could be worth considering a call to AFCD in  any similar such cases as the action is an offence under more than one local law!!!!

Merry Christmas !

Paul Crow


Unfortunately, there is a belief among some farmers, fish and agricultural, that by displaying dead or injured/captive birds of species that are believed to impact crops, this will in some way prevent other birds from coming.

The fact is that this kind of activity has absolutely no impact whatsoever, and simply results in unnecessary cruelty. Birds are not that intelligent, I'm afraid. They respond to disturbance or exclusion, but are not 'threatened' in this way.

I must say, however, that I have not seen a cormorant exhibited in this way for a number of years, and I believe this is because they have seen the real benefits provided by the wiring of fish ponds.

Geoff Carey


This case has been reported to AFCD. They said they will conduct investigation

Advice from AFCD about similar issues in the future:

Call 1823 (on site) to notify AFCD (or directly call the police as it is a cruelty case). Staff of AFCD will take action when they receive the call.




Report on Oriental Daily on 20/1/07

More and more birds were hung at cultivated fields at Fanling as a measure to deter birds from taking crops.

東方日報 20/1/07


近 日 本 港 接 連 發 現 多 隻 帶 有 禽 流 感 病 毒 的 雀 屍 , 再 次 敲 響 了 禽 流 感 的 警 鐘 , 但 有 農 戶 依 然 漠 視 疫 症 的 風 險 , 公 然 將 一 些 活 捉 的 雀 鳥 和 田 間 發 現 的 雀 屍 懸 掛 於 菜 田 之 上 , 以 阻 嚇 飛 鳥 啄 食 農 作 物 。 附 近 居 民 惶 恐 不 安 , 擔 心 雀 鳥 一 旦 帶 有 禽 流 感 , 隨 時 成 為 播 毒 源 頭 。 有 傳 染 病 專 科 醫 生 指 出 , 農 戶 懸 掛 野 鳥 和 雀 屍 , 將 增 加 禽 流 感 傳 人 的 風 險 , 事 件 顯 示 當 局 宣 傳 預 防 禽 流 感 的 工 作 未 到 位 , 有 必 要 盡 快 作 出 改 善 。

位 於 粉 嶺 馬 屎 埔 村 的 農 田 , 年 多 前 開 始 發 現 有 農 戶 以 鐵 枝 懸 掛 活 捉 的 雀 鳥 及 屍 體 , 品 種 包 括 黑 領 椋 鳥 ( 花 了 哥 ) 、 斑 鳩 及 鵲 鴝 ( 豬 屎 渣 ) 等 , 企 圖 阻 嚇 其 他 飛 鳥 啄 食 農 作 物 。 近 日 野 鳥 不 斷 增 加 , 以 此 法 「 嚇 雀 」 的 農 戶 愈 來 愈 多 , 懸 掛 的 雀 屍 數 目 亦 與 日 俱 增 。 記 者 於 本 周 三 到 現 場 了 解 情 況 , 發 現 懸 掛 死 鳥 情 況 普 遍 。 每 塊 菜 田 上 懸 掛 了 五 、 六 隻 死 鳥 , 而 現 場 有 逾 十 塊 菜 田 , 死 鳥 數 目 總 共 達 數 十 隻 。