Mt Davis 摩星嶺

Mt Davis 摩星嶺

I believe records in this little piece of woodland, sitting alongside Lung Fu Shan, should be grouped in this thread as well. Unfortunately a new expensive apartment has been built at the road exit, together with the continuous working on concrete-earth wall has destroyed much natural slopes in Mt Davis over the past few years. Shame on developers.

14/2 Highlight (Mt Davis)
- Mountain Tailorbird X 1
- Mugimaki Flycatcher X 1
- Chestnut Bulbul X 1
- Grey Back Thrush X 2
- Asian Brown Flycatcher X 1
- Blue Magpie X 3 ( 1 with shorter tail - a juvenile?)
- Rugous-capped Babbler (heard)

15/2 Highlight (Mt Davis)
- Plain flowerpecker X 1 (with 80% confidence)
- Red-flanked Bluetail female X 4
- European Hobby / Peregrine Falcon X 1 (TBC)

Wish everyone here a fruitful birding year