Wonderland Villas 華景山莊

Matthew, Thank you very much~~ You have introduced an amazing trip for me.  :


13/1/07, I saw 4 Blue Magpies flying together at about 5:30pm


13/1/07  I heard a bird sound like this
bird sound
Reference web.

So close to me but can't find it. Once I move, it stop sound....

Matthew, have u heard it before?


Re: Unidentified bird call in Wonderland Villas

[quote:518c227176="ktzehoi"]Dear Alan,

May I know where did you record the call of this mysterious species.
Was it in the valley next to Cheunghang village or was it near the fitness trail? As a resident of Wonderland Villas, we haven't heard this sort of call before. Collar scop owl 's call can be readily heard in Wonderland Villas but the call you recorded was rather low pitched not typical of Collar scop owl. Maybe we can relay this to John and Jemi for their comment. Could it really be the long eared owl as your reference web has suggested?
I would be very interested to know!


Under the valley next to Cheunghang village. Near a fruit garden and beside a small stream.