[Prantincoles] Oriental Pratincole

Oriental Pratincole

Long Valley 26/4/2010
EOS 50D + EF 400mm f/4 DO + EX 1.4

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Dear all

See how pride and confidence have their aura radiating out in the overtone shown in the gait of the Pratincoles photoed!

Birds with their feeding and flying skills and their beyond-imagination type of sense of direction
and endurance, must be ranking very high in evolution, if not right at the top.

But humans, with their devil-like hands and brain, invent projectiles and traps to hunt and kill
them. Let us hold an athletic match in any event with a sparrow. In speed at least, this little being will beat us effortlessly in the first ten seconds and dropping dead in the next five minutes. I mean death for human. Just see how we could maintain a heart-beat rate like the bird in 300 seconds!

S L Tai