[Hong Kong] Declining Asian migrants info request

Declining Asian migrants info request

I'm posting this at the request of Nial Moores of Birds Korea, who's about to head to an island without internet, till June.
He had emailed me:
I was wondering if there is an electronic version (not already on your website) of any of the status assessments of species from the Hebei coast, or any more recent documents that might be suggesting published or well-supported statments of changes in population.

Am half way through a spring of intense counts of migrants on an island here, and one aim is to identify species showing strong declines (although much extrapolation and analysis to be conducted of counts over the past decade on three islands here, species that seem to be declining most rapidly seem to include Eastern Crowned Warbler and Grey-streaked Flycatcher, and probably Black-faced Bunting, in addition to the more well-known Yellow-breasted Bunting etc) .

Any help with this would be much appreciated - research will be published as part of Birds Korea conservation Blueprint and as part of doctoral research on same.
His email: spoonbillkorea [at]   Hopefully someone can help; maybe this will also spark some discussion here (if there is such discussion already, sorry I've missed it: I find the forum a tad confusing)

In case of interest, I'd replied:
Sorry, I don't know of more info like this.
Horrible that you are noting declines within just a decade.
- with all changes occurring, inc massive logging of forests (now Siberia too), and climate, seemed likely.

It had occurred to me that I've found black-faced bunting tougher to find here in Hong Kong than previously, though I'd wondered if just me.
This is the time for grey-streaked flycatchers; I haven't seen or heard of many, though of course could be this season.
Eastern crowned not too common here anyway.

Maybe a post to HKBWS forum could be useful?
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