[Hong Kong] Sai Wan in danger

Sai Wan in danger

Dear all,
Recently, a rich businessman has bought a piece of land near a nice beach 大浪西灣 in Sai Kung (in the area of Sai Kung East Country Park) originally owned by local residents there and started to build a private villa with any facilitites that you can think of!  Whatever aspect is considered, that pristine countryside should be owned by our public and any intense development surely doesn't fit and just jeopardizes the natural environment there as well as all the wild organisms found.  
I don't know whether you all have visited there before but I'm sure to tell you that no one would dislike that picturesque area there!  Please support and help to spread this message out!  
Though there may not be a key area for birdwatching, I think the government policy to protect our environment is very crucial to birds too!  For more details, please visit the following FB page.

Friends-of-Tailongwan is a registered organization.  Save our environment, birders!

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Manson Tsang


I visited the area you mentioned during a recent hike.

Yes, I agree that the area was very beautiful, even though it was (technically) not inside the country park area.

I support your motion!

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