Nam Sang Wai 南生圍 in Closeup

Nam Sang Wai 南生圍 in Closeup

Nam Sang Wai 13th Jan 2007
Digiscoped using Swarovski ATS 80HD scope, 30x eyepiece, DCA & Nikon 8400 camera


I love the first shot ...  sweet light and so much detail.
Just awesome, Bob!
You can clearly see her imperfect iris too ...  :
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Very good lighting with rich detail.  
Is there any cropping applied for these photos?



Thanks for your comments Kk

Wing, the big head closeups were cropped, the other 2 shots are only just cropped.

The biggest crop was the first shot, I liked the shot but the tip of the bill was on the edge of frame, so I cropped it to make the shot better balanced.

Below is the complete frame of the first shot. remember this was shot with just a relatively cheap point & shoot camera.


PS: Wing, The shots posted here were done with a camera costing HK$2060, I posted them to show that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to obtain reasonable results


Guide to Nam Sang Wai

These are beautiful photos.  Can you guide me how to approach Nam Sang Wai from Yuen Long West Rail Station (by walking or taxi)?


I suggest taking taxi. No public transport there.
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Nam Sang Wai location

Any specific location name that I can tell the taxi driver and roughly how much for the taxi fare?  

I learnt that Nam Sang Wai is a big area.  Just for info, I am a foreigner.  I did experieced with taxi took me for a big detour.


It is a difficult place to find as often local taxi drivers refer to a large area as Nam Sang Wai, and the road tothe point where the pix are taken is hard to spot, hence it may not be a deliberate act by the taxi driver.

Not sure how you go there, but if you tae a taxi from the Kam Sheung Rd West Rail station you need to head towards Yuen Long until you get to a roundabout with 4foot high stone walls at the junction. Head north towards Mai Po, and just after you pass under the highwaythere is a small road down to the left which goes past a vegetable market and along the south side of the Kam Tin River channel.

(The key is if you cross this river (which is about 100m wide) you have gone too far).

This road goes under another part of the highway and after a couple of twist and turns hits a long straight alongside the river (which is on your right). Stop when you se the potrable toilet block and look over the edge.

Two rivers meet here and birds drop in to feed on the exposed mud. You may need to walk out along this long road so, bring plenty of water.

I would also advise you get a 2007 Hong Kong City Guide and show the spot to the driver. You can buy this from any 7-11. Nam Sang Wai is in square Eb on p 21.  The point the photographers go is at the northern tip of the area of ponds labelled Nam Sang Wai.

Complex instructions I know, but I hope this helps

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Nam Sang Wai Location Guide


Thank you for such detailed instruction.  Will get the street directory to follow your instruction.


Guess this might give you some idea of the area and how to get there:

The hotspot for birdwatching and taking photos is where the two rivers meet (at the top in the picture).

If you arrive by taxi, remember it must turn left into Nam Sang Wai Road (the green part in the picture) very very shortly after passing the Hung Mo Bridge bus stop.


Thanks for the website.