2010-11 winter colour-ringed BFS re-sightings report

Some of you may remember A39 as an individual which was found injured at Mai Po back in 2008, having swallowed a fish hook ( ... &extra=page%3D3). The bird was picked up on the reserve and taken to Kadoorie Farm for treatment, and was released back at Mai Po in late February 2008. It is great news that, almost 3 years later, this bird is still doing well and has once again returned to winter in Hong Kong.

Congratulations and thank you to all the staff at KFBG for their hard work in saving this spoonbill. Also thank you to Bena for noticing this bird at Mai Po, and catching the bird so that it could be taken to KFBG for rehabilitation. (Also, thank you for posting the photos so that we can track the progress of this bird!)

The illegal fish hooks around Deep Bay have much potential to cause permanent injuries and death of water birds (there are previous records of spoonbills killed in this way), and it is always nice to have some good news to report about how the hard work of some people can be important for saving the lives of these threatened birds.