Birds seen in Cage Bird Markets/Display Areas

These lists are very interesting. Note that nearly all the species are wild-caught. Only the canary and the Superb Starling are likely to be true cagebirds.

As GeoffW says, it would be very useful for members to collect such data. Do you have a park or market near you where caged birds are displayed? If so, consider visiting it 2-3 times a month, noting the date and making a list of the species that you see each time, with an approximate number. Do it quietly and carefully so as not to invite questions.

At the end of the year pls submit the data to me and/or the Society for us to review. It would provide a good basis for addressing the issue of wild birds being caught for this trade. One wonders how many birds die for each wild bird that ends up on display in a cage?

Certain species are bred in captivity and are very suitable as cagebirds. There is scope for people to pursue this hobby without impacting wild bird populations.


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