Birds seen in Cage Bird Markets/Display Areas

Apri 14, Mongkok bird market, cage birds!

Large niltava
Crested bunting
Verditer flycatcher
Chinese blue flycatcher
White thorated rock thrush
Golden fronted leafbird
Orange bellied leafbird
Blue n white flycatcher
Hainan blue flycatcher
Pied bushchat
Grey bushchat
Peking robin
Silver eared mesia
White tailed robin
White capped redstart
Chestnut capped thrush?
Siberian robin
Mongolian lark - a lot (not sure if I get the correct ID of all the larks)
Singing lark?

Plenty of ....
chinese bulbul
whiskered bulbul
magpie robin
white eye


Oct 4, Mongkok bird market, cage bird

-hainan blue flycatcher
-chinese blue flycatcher (plenty)
-small niltava
-blue and white flycatcher
-pied chat
-yellow front cranary (plenty)
-white throated rockthrush
-pied bushchat
-grey bushchat
-chestnut capped thrush
-mongolian lark (plenty)
-white capped redstart
-yellow browed warbler !
-hill myna
-golden fronted leafbird
-hwamei (plenty n very poor condition)
-magpie robin (plenty)
-peking robin
-blue winged minla
-white eye (plenty)
-russet sparrow


Oct 4, mongkok bird street

-hainan blue flycatcher (male, a lot)
-chinese blue flycatcher/blue throated flycatcher (male, a lot)
-blue n whtie flycatcher (male, a lot, juvenile, a lot)
-asian brown flycatcher
-asian paradise flycatcher
-small niltava
-crested bunting
-pied bushchat (plenty)
-grey bushchat (male)
-fork tailed sunbird
-Larks (a lot)
-white throated rock thrush (a lot)
-golden fronted leafbird
-orange bellied leafbrid
-daurian redstart
-black naped oriole (female)
-long tailed shama
-yellow cheeked tit (a lot)
-siderian blue robin (male)
-oranged headed thrush
-yellow front cranary (plenty)
-peking robin (a lot)

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