Today at Tsim Bei Tsui (20/01/07) 尖鼻咀

Today at Tsim Bei Tsui (20/01/07) 尖鼻咀

Although a little rain at the begining , it's not too cold and there ain't much visitors, so we get to see quite some good birds. The only problem is, when we tried to walk pass the pond to enter Mong Tseng village (the path near the bridge), the owner stopped us (as well as his dogs) and said we can't go pass this privately owned land. I don't know if this is the case for quite some while, as I remember last year in Feb. I could get to the village with no problem for two times!

Todays highlights to us:

Buff-bellied Flowerpecker (1 male and possibly another is a female that's fly with 'him')

Grey-headed Lapwing x 1

BFS x 3

Grey-backed Thrush x 1

Daurian Redstart x 1 female

Dusky Shrike x 1