Today at Tsim Bei Tsui (20/01/07) 尖鼻咀

Tsim Bei Tsui - Mong Tseng Village access problems....

Access problems in Tsim Bei Tsui;

Today I went to Tsim Bei Tsui and parked in Mong Tseng village.
My last visit was one year ago.
However the path had been closed by a gate and the ponds behind the gate are guarded by 3 dogs.
It is still possible to walk to The Fence Road from the village.
Some 50 meters before you enter the private area with the gate, you can turn to the left (an old squatter house) – behind the house you find a path in the high grass towards the fence of Wetland Park. Follow the fence and you will get to The Fence Road.
There was not much to see and the pollution (some call it haze) was too high to get sharp photos on the longer distance.
One of the view-point is almost impossible to use because of the high grass and mangrove plantation.