Lung Fu Shan Autumn 2011

Lung Fu Shan Autumn 2011

3 September 2011 - 11.30am to 2.30pm
First hike of the season in Lung Fu Shan, from the top of Hatton Road to Po Shan Road
5-6 Asian Paradise Flycatchers
1 Dark-sided Flycatcher
1 Asian Brown Flycatcher
1 Crested Goshawk
1 Eastern Crown Warbler
1 Arctic Warbler
1 White Wagtail

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3/09/2011 17:33

Eastern Crowned Warbler




Dark-Sided Flycatcher 烏鶲
[img]61IMG_01835a by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

Asian Paradise Flycatcher 壽帶鳥
[img]60IMG_01814a by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

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23 September 2011 - Po Shan Road

Only migrant seen was a Yellow-browed Warbler.

I don't know what happened to Po Shan Road this year.  By this time last year I had seen an Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, Forest Wagtail, 2 Siberian Blue Robins, and lots of Arctic, Eastern crowned and Pale-legged Leaf Warblers.  This year it has been consistently dead.  I suspect that it is due to less rainfall this September--I can't think of any other reason, the habitat seems the same.


That's migration for you - makes the good years all the sweeter!
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


8 October 2011

There were 3 Grey-streaked Flycatchers near the Firestation at LFS. There was one Asian Brown Flycatcher at Po Shan Road and a flyover Northern Hobby.


21 Oct 2011 - Po Shan Road

In addition to the Green-backed Flycatcher there was

1 Mugimaki Flycatcher
1 Eastern Crowned Warbler
1 Yellow-browed Warbler
1 Hwamei (first ever for Po Shan Road even though they are common further up the mountain)


Diligence rewarded!

Looking forward to seeing the pix Brendan

Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Thanks, Mike.

I forgot to mention that along the concrete trail several signs have no been put up saying that slope maintenance is planned in the area. I suppose this area would be a bit vulnerable to landslides but it would be unfortunate from a birding standpoint as the vegetation along that path can be quite productive.

As far as I can tell the very productive area around the s-curves would remain unchanged.


The Green-backed Flycatcher appears to be gone.  With clear skies last night it likely moved on. Today on Po Shan Road there was a Black-winged Cuckooshrike, and one each of Asian Brown and Grey-streaked Flycatcher.


18 Nov 2011

In addition to the Owston's or Green-backed Flycatcher there is a female Blue-and-white and male Verditer Flycatcher, a Black-winged Cuckooshrike and at least eight Yellow-browed Warblers on Po Shan Road.


22 November 2011 -- Po Shan Road

Quiet except for one rather late Eastern Crowned Warbler.


23rd Nov afternoon
Radde's warbler
Mugimaki Flycatcher


24th Nov 2011 Afternoon

Grey-headed Flycatcher
Black-winged Cuckooshrike
Here are the photos captured today


Very quiet today. A Black-winged Cuckooshrike and an Asian Stubtail Warbler.



Grey-Headed Flycatcher
[img]90IMG_07011b by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

Black-Winged Cuckoo Shrike
[img]90IMG_07059b by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

Verditer Flycatcher
[img]90IMG_07039b by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

Pallas’s Leaf Warbler
[img]90IMG_07005cA by bird8888, 於 Flickr[/img]

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2nd Dec afternoon
Mountain Tailorbird
Asian Stubtail Warbler
Verditer Flycatcher (male)


03-Dec-2011 Po Shan Road afternoon
銅藍鶲 Verditer Flycatcher