[Hong Kong] 蒲台 Po Toi - scrub clearance/possible development

蒲台 Po Toi - scrub clearance/possible development

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Visitors to Po Toi will notice extensive scrub clearance has been done on both sides of the valley after the sister's cafe going towards the South Peninsular. The work started around Christmas time and is still on-going.

Scrub has been cleared and small boxes with concrete have been placed over the areas cleared. I believe this is intended to prevent the scrub re-growing but there may be some other purpose (see photo).

This is private land in the hands of one private owner and there are no mandatory restrictions covering Po Toi. As far as I can tell, they have restricted the work to their own land and have not removed any trees over 3 inches diameter. Most of the land was previously unaccessible due to heavy scrub, and this is not the most productive area for birds. So do not panic. In fact, some sensible development may be beneficial.

We have informed AFCD and Planning about the work and will keep a close eye on it. I am also trying to make contact with the owner to understand their intentions, as yet with no response. I am hopeful this will not become another Tai Long Wan, the owners appear to be using a moderate approach at this time.

If anyone finds posted notices announcing some proposed development work in this area, please take photos and pass them as soon as possible to me or Beetle Cheng at HKBWS.


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若有鳥友前往蒲台島,煩請留意一下島上的佈告版/告示,若發現有一些關於該地區的通告,請務必拍照及向轉交Geoff Welch及本會自然保育主任,或在論壇上報告。

蒲台島變千墓島 2012年02月19日(日)東方日報

蒲台島僭建墳場 環保大災難 2012年02月19日(日)太陽報

2012年02月20日 蘋果日報 ... amp;art_id=16085649

蒲台島發現新造石屎板 2012年02月21日(二)東方日報


感謝各鳥友關注事件, 本會於上月未已去信漁護署、規劃署及地政署報告有關事件, 由於蒲台島未有任何規劃管制, 亦不在郊野公園範圍, 現時事件由離島區地政署跟進中, 漁護署則表示非常關注事件。

Thanks for member's concern about the issue. HKBWS has reported the incident to AFCD, Planning Department and Lands Department late last month. As Po Toi is not covered by any statutory planning control and it is not a part of Country Park, The incident is now being followed up by the Lands Department (Islands). AFCD has expressed that they are very concerned about it.
HKBWS has not received detailed reply from the Lands Department yet.
And we need to apologize for accidentally deleting the original post.


I have just returned from my first visit to Po Toi since 17th January, with Ronaldo (Abdel) and Jennifer Leung.

The scrub clearance and laying of concrete squares is now much more extensive and has started in the important migrant bird area of 'green-pigeon valley' up to the upper reservoir. This is also the Romer's Tree Frog stronghold.

Lands Department have issued 'Stop Work' notices but unfortunately these do not cover the areas mentioned above, for some reason. We will follow this up with Lands Department.

Visitors this spring will find some ugly scars over this whole area, but birds are very resilient and I'm hoping it won't have too much effect. We managed to see Red-flanked Bluetail and Stubtail Warbler within a few feet of the developments, as well as White's Thrush, Japanese Thrush and Grey-capped Greenfinch elsewhere. But if they continue working the area, there may be a lot of human disturbance.

I'm also concerned that the path to the south Peninsular will become an impassable bog in the rainy season now they have cleared surrounding vegetation.

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Photos of the valley after the sister's cafe - before and now

The bamboo on the right of both photos is the same

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There have been considerably more concrete squares laid in the area just north of the sisters cafe than what was present last Sunday. Amazing how fast they can put these things out. Fortunately, I didn't see any more land cleared. Let us hope it stays that way.


The prompt actions taken by the Town Planning Board is appreciated. But this is only the first step to protect Po Toi!
The Lands Department is also following up the unauthorized activities, they have cleared the illegal structures on government land, and also carrying out enforcement actions towards those on private lands.
We will keep contact with concerned Government Departments to ensure that these actions are taken promptly. About public consultation of the Development Permission Area Plan, Please keep an eye on HKBWS's latest information.

城規會的迅速行動值得嘉許, 但只是保護蒲台島的第一步, 大家仍需努力!
另外地政署亦跟進該違列發展, 該署已清除政府土地的違列建構物, 亦正就私人土地上的違列發展作出管制行動。
本會會繼續與有關部門密切聯絡確保有關工作盡快進行。關於發展審批地區圖的公眾諮詢, 請會員及鳥友密切留意本會的最新消息。


This is very good news.

Congratulations to Beetle and his fellow supporters in WWF, KFBG and other organisations who have lobbied the authorities for this Planning Control. I trust this will now put an end to threats of unplanned development of the sensitive bird and other wildlife areas of Po Toi.

With regards to the recent scrub clearance and concreting of extensive areas of the valley after the sister's cafe, I believe that nature will reclaim this area within a fairly short time even if the landlord cannot be persuaded to do so.

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Could there be an opportunity to make this habitat more bird-friendly or Romer's Tree Frog-friendly?

Any thoughts?

Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


Yes Mike, definitely a possibility. I will email you.