Please help look out: BFS with fishing line

Please help look out: BFS with fishing line

Dear Birdwatchers,

I saw a BFS with a fishing line sticking out of its body on Saturday (17-Mar) evening around 18:00 at Gei wai #11 at Mai Po. Unlike the other BFS around, throughout the 30min observation, the individual was only standing and haven't been walking, bathing or flapping its wings. Therefore I wasn't able to be sure how the fishing line is attached to the bird or if it is badly affecting the bird.

I hope the bird is OK, able to fly and forage given that it is not at the same spot this morning.

Please could birdwatchers visiting Mai Po in this week help keep an eye for this bird. If any help is needed, please contact the Mai Po Office 2471 6212.

Many thanks,
Katherine Leung
Reserve Officer
Mai Po Nature Reserve