[Hong Kong] 蒲台生態報告 Po Toi Ecological Report

蒲台生態報告 Po Toi Ecological Report

Proposal for a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Support for Country Park Designation on Po Toi Island (revised edition Oct 2012).
蒲台島具特殊科學價值地點及郊野公園建議書 (2012年10月修訂)

This proposal is a detailed ecological report documenting the conservation value of Po Toi, important species and habitats and in particular the importance of Po Toi to migratory birds. It also request the government to designate Po Toi as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Country Park.

The 1st edition of this report was submitted to the Town Planning Board in May 2012 as our comment on the Po Toi Islands Development Permission Area Plan. As there are a number of new taxonomic changes and other kinds of new information, the HKBWS revised the report in October and submitted to the Chief Executive, Secretary for Environment and AFCD to urge for the designation of Po Toi Islands as Country Park.

Although it is not a perfect report, We believe that the report is the most comprehensive document about Po Toi's ecology to date and would be of great value to Scientists, decision-makers and of course nature lovers. We also believe that you will contribute to the future editions of this report, and thus the conservation of the unique island, by recording birds on Po Toi. HKBWS would also continue to co-operate with other Green Groups and experts to enrich the contents of the report.

Special thanks Geoff Welch who birded at Po Toi for years and compile all the records of birds at Po Toi and participated in the writing of this report, photographers who provided photos for the report, and MaoMorning who designed the logo for the Po Toi Campaign.

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此報告有賴會員及鳥友的支持和提交雀鳥記錄才能完成。本會特別感謝Geoff Welch在蒲台觀察及整理多年來的雀鳥記錄以及參與撰寫本報告,以及各位提供相片的攝影師,還有為蒲台行動設計logo的貓魔鈴小姐。


下載連結 ... roposal_2012oct.pdf



Well done and a big thank you to all involved.


Thanks very much to all those who have contributed their effort for this report, especially Geoff!  

BTW, I just found a typo in Appendix I.  The English name for 栗背短腳鵯 should be Chestnut Bulbul (No 184).

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Manson Tsang


Thanks for pointing out our mistake. We have corrected the typo in the report.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you found any mistakes in the report.