H7N9 禽流感事件

Dear all

From the history of bird flu development, it is quite clear human involvement is heavy, especially in poultry raising management and market sale conditions, and therefore quite enough to explain why it has been China that first found new forms of bird flu.

Wild birds especially migrants generally keep safe distance from domestice populations which is almost a proved case.

Mai Po NR is an excellent example. Daily cheeks in the past years have accumulated up to tens of thousands of examined samples and except some particular periods never proved migrants are sure carriers. Otherwise we should have found dozens or even hundreds of waders dead. It was local wild birds especially urbanised species that easily come into contact with domestic poultry that were found victims of the virus.

Wild birds and especially migrants are victims and not source of bird flu I am almost certain to be the case.

It is up to Mainland Chinese of poulty management and market operators to reflect and improve from their present practice - under the Government's proper guidance and supervision - are vital to lessen if not eliminate the chance of bird flu from periodic general outbreaks.

S L Tai