Dear all

Forgive if I use English as the means of communication and I am not an anglophile.

Having said that, I state here everyone who reads this forum and has the right perspective should spread their understanding of wild birds.

Wild birds are victims; their freelands are being mercilessly encroached, damaged and destroyed by humans as a result of their population
increase nearly exponentially. Human greed and cruelty and largely partial understanding leads to the present state. I dare say human beings would not be tolerated by nature or mother earth and their future is doomed.

Having said that, to redeem part of our sins, everyone should spread the news that in spite of the fact that birds are bird flu carriers, without the medium of domestic poultry kept in poor hygienic state and proper isolation, wild birds will keep humanly harmless bird flus to themselves until the flus's genes are reshuffled and producing new ones that cause human deaths. Is that clear who are the wrongdoers?

We are all great sinners in the eyes of God or the buddhas. The Bible says humans are given the power to take care of other animals, not controlling their life and death. And Buddha said every life has equal right. In the eyes of every truly great mind, humans are no superior whose minds are evils themselves.

My statements here are not extremists'. I  only speak the truths.

Everyone from now on eat just enough according to the principle of a balanced diet. Get most of our protein from plants, not wholly or nearly all from animals. Save animal lives whenever you can. Our mercy is just enough to redeem one hundredth or less of our wrongdoings.

S L Tai