[Hong Kong] HK Headline Indicators for Biodiversity and Conservation 2012

I am very surprised to see this report published under the name of HKBWS. I am not aware HKBWS allocated recourse on keep monitoring the headline indicator.

Notwithstanding the good intention of advocation of biodiversity conservation, I see the strength of HKBWS is to provide technical support on collecting bird related data compiling into a biodiversity indicator. Particularly, data from various groups, such as egrets and black kite, are readily available that could be transformed into an index of bird diversity etc. HKBWS is the authority and most suitable organization to focus on the bird related index. Updating the number of compliant case on illegal development and number of Chinese White Dolphin is good to monitor the nature conservation development in HK, but I don't see HKBWS is the authority to do such, unless it has extra resource or subsidization.