[Oversea] A-Z of Biodiversity Terms

A-Z of Biodiversity Terms

The A-Z of Biodiversity Terms is a glossary providing definitions of commonly used terms and acronyms that are related to biodiversity. These terms have all been referenced to their original source, where possible choosing definitions which have a level of international acceptance. The definitions are sourced from the scientific literature, glossaries from global expert organisations and international agreements.
The A-Z also provides in-depth information to key terms defined by Multilateral Environmental Agreements. Background on the origin and use of the term or concept is provided. Thematic collections group the terms around biodiversity-relevant themes such as Drivers of change, Biodiversity Components, Operational practices, Conventions and Acronyms.

This glossary aims to support greater consistency in the use of terms and definitions related to biodiversity. It aims at providing clarity for practitioners implementing biodiversity management, particularly those doing so in the context of global conventions, standards, regulations, policies and legislation.