(Outdated 已過期) 香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds - 2014-03-17

(Outdated 已過期) 香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds - 2014-03-17

The next update List of HK Birds is available at:

香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds - 2014-03-17

最新修訂的"香港鳥類名錄"(連中文名字) - 2014-03-17

以下是由紀錄委員會於3月17日最新修訂的香港鳥類名錄,共有3個新增種類:新增 <Purple Swamphen 紫水雞>、<Whistling Green Pigeon 紅頂綠鳩>至第 I 類及<Alexandrine Parakeet 亞歷山大鸚鵡>至第IIB類。


Latest "List of HK Birds" with Chinese Name  - 2014-03-17

Two changes to the Hong Kong List were made at the Records Committee Meeting of 11th December, ie the addition of Purple Swamhan, Whistling Green Pigeon to Category I and Alexandrine Parakeet to Category IIB.  

With those changes, the HK List increases to 525.

香港鳥類名錄 List of HK Birds  
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罕有雀鳥紀錄表格 Unusual Record Form  
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第   I  類﹕ 在香港有明確野生紀錄。
第 IIA 類﹕ 中國東南部地區繁殖的鳥種,現時在香港的繁殖群落被認為是由逃逸的籠鳥所繁衍的,
第 IIB 類﹕ 非原居鳥種;經人為引入香港,現無需靠額外幫助已能繼續繁衍。
第 IIC 類﹕ 曾經在香港有野生群落的鳥種。
第  III  類﹕ 根據已發表所有香港紀錄顯示,此鳥種可能在飼養時逃逸或人為放生。

*第 III 類鳥種並非香港鳥類名錄正式確認的鳥種, 香港鳥類名錄只包括第 I 類及第 II 類。

The species category definition is as follows:

Category I: species that have been recorded in an apparently wild state in HK.

Category IIA: southeast China breeding species, the currently established HK breeding population of which is considered to derive from captive stock, but which probably occurred in HK prior to habitat changes.

Category IIB: extralimital species that, although originally introduced to HK by man, maintain a regular feral breeding stock without necessary recourse to further introduction.

Category IIC: previously established feral species.

Category III: species for which all published HK records are considered likely to relate to birds that have escaped or have been released from captivity.

*Category III species do not form part of the official HK List which is only Category I and II species.
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS


The report of the RC decision is not quite correct. Alexandrine Parakeet was added to Cat IIB (established extralimital species.

Mike Leven


Thanks Mike's remind.
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS