[Hong Kong] 日本環誌的東方大葦鶯幼鳥



這隻東方大葦鶯幼鳥的環誌編號為“KANKYOSHO TOKYO, JAPAN 3F95886”。環誌小組人員隨即聯繫日本山階鳥類研究所。根據研究所回覆,這隻幼鳥是在今年9月5日於靜岡縣磐田市天龍川河口濕地環誌的。由於這地距離米埔自然護理區約2,700公里,我們相信這鳥花了最多7天的時間從日本飛到米埔,平均每天飛行至少385公里!

On 12th September 2015, the HKBWS Bird Ringing Team captured an Oriental Reed Warbler at Mai Po Nature Reserve. It’s not a surprise to record Oriental Reed Warbler at this time of the year, but it is interesting that this juvenile bird was ringed in Japan!

The code of the ring on this Oriental Reed Warbler reads “KANKYOSHO TOKYO, JAPAN 3F95886”. Members of the ringing team immediately contacted Yamashina Institute for Ornithology of Japan for information. The institute replied that the bird was ringed on 5th September 2015 at the river mouth of Tenryu River, Iwata, Sizuoka Prefecture, Japan. As the ringing site in Japan was approximately 2,700km from Mai Po Nature Reserve, it was believed that this bird had spent at most 7 days to fly all the way here, which means it flew at least 385km per day!

Every ring recovery of a bird helps us to understand more about migratory birds as well as their migratory pattern. We would like to encourage you all to pay more attention to ringed birds and share with us by e-mail at photo of their birds (preferably with ring number, if possible).

The first winter Oriental Reed Warbler from Japan

日本的腳環The ring of Japan: KANKYOSHO TOKYO, JAPAN 3F95886
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS


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