[Oversea] Euro Birdwatch 2015

Euro Birdwatch 2015

剛剛過去的周末,國際鳥盟歐洲地區的成員舉行了為期兩天的Euro Birdwatch 2015。超過了1000個在歐洲各地同期舉行的活動中,當中包括鳥類環誌到環境教育工作坊等,總數超過二萬人參加Euro Birdwatch 2015。其間不乏有趣的發現,例如在芬蘭紀錄到的褐柳鶯等等。以下連結為國際鳥盟網站中的小總結:

Euro Birdwatch 2015 was held on last weekend (3 and 4 October)in 41 countries. More than 1.000 local events, including bird ringing and hiking to environmental education workshops were organised by BirdLife partners in Euro, more than 20,000 people joined Euro Birdwatch 2015. There are some interesting finding this year, e.g. Dusky Warbler recorded in Finland. The following link is the short summary of Euro Birdwatch 2015 in the webpage of Birdlife International:
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