[Eagles] Eurasian Black Vulture 禿鷲

Eurasian Black Vulture 禿鷲

2015/12/18 約 16:40,當我觀察黑鳶時,發現一隻 禿鷲 在赤柱灣與黑鳶盤旋,數分鐘後與黑鳶一起飛往黃麻角方向。

In 2015/12/18, around 16:40, When I observer the Black Kite, I found a Eurasian Black Vulture flying in Stanley Bay. 5 min later, The Vulture fly to Wong Ma Kok with Black Kite.


Excellent & brilliant find!

Also very good luck!


Fantastic record Peter - must have been a very exciting moment when you first saw this bird.

After 16 years with no records of Eurasian Black Vulture in Hong Kong (the last was in 1998), we've now had two records in 2015 at the same place - Stanley Peninsular (like London buses to anyone who knows the phrase).

The first was picked up by hikers on Stanley Peninsular on 15th January this year, in very poor condition and unfortunately died at KFBG Rescue centre the next day. It was preserved and I'm told now resides in splendour at Wetland Park.

This bird was obviously in much better condition. Good luck to it.

I must confess that when I heard about it, 15 minutes after the first sighting, I went out to the waterfront at South Horizons just in case it had drifted west. No luck, just a beautiful sunset and lots of Black Kites heading towards Magazine Gap.

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An incredible record Peter! Congratulations! Now, where do we get some carcasses....(just joking)
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