[Tropicbirds] Red-throated Loon - feather damage

from 19/03/16

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Original posted by kmatthew at 20/03/2016 21:04
Also will like to note here that there was report of a group of people continuously chasing the bird around the bay this morning with a boat, which seems to have stressed it and forcing it to take fli ...
there were in fact two boats in the harbour with photographers on the morning of 19th and I was in one of them, among the two were also hundreds boats in the harbour.

had you not been on the beach to take this shot, the bird might well have landed on the beach at the time, so who was disturbing the bird?


i would also like to add that our boat was always well apart from the bird (over 15m) and had we been any closer, it was due to the tides drifting us in and therefore we would have been moving very slowly.  according to locals, the bird has been there since Monday last week and was not afraid of boats in harbour.

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Original posted by rosefinch at 21/03/2016 22:12
The health conditions of the loon is in concerns. I'm not an expert therefore pay more attention not to affecting the loon to feed, sleep or take rest.

I was there on 18/3 Fri when the loon landed on ...
Thank you for casting more confusion into the matter, maybe due to my poor command of English but I only have a limited understanding of what you are trying to say and here is a summary of points which i have taken from your long reply (do correct me if i am wrong or misunderstood any of your points);
1. you are not an expert
2. you own a short lens
3. was there on the friday to see the bird come very close
4. you are most concerned with the well being of the bird, you decided against going to take any photos

The above are facts which you reported, the rest, from your unnamed sources, which contradicts the eye witness who were there; is biased and incorrect at best!

And since this thread has called for experts on the topic of damage to the bird to post their opinion, if you are so concerned with the well being of the bird, please contact WWF/ACFD/HKBWS or even the Police Force maybe more appropriate than posting in this thread.

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Original posted by fatchun at 22/03/2016 12:16

Could you please name some experts with long lens here?
May be we can invite them for discussion.

For your information, I do not have any long lens camera, but I am an experienced birder. Am I enti ...
Interesting how you interpreted my reply and again, probably lost in translation ..

The original poster wrote: Any experts can assess how severe this is?
I believe that Geoff was hoping for discussions on the damage of the bird.  I stand to be corrected, but I personally do not see any relevance of owning a long or short lens to be considered an expert, nor owning any lens at all for that matter.  My above post only pointed out the facts which I gathered from Rosefinch's post.

But to answer your question, I think Peter Wong (Michelle) or Martin Hales maybe considered "experienced birders with long lens" but I doubt neither would claim to be an expert in this field.

Regarding my previous post, I was only hoping that the people posting in this thread would stick to the topic.  If a self-confessed "experienced birder" like yourself wishes to post and share the following information, feel free to;
1/ fatchun is an experienced birder
2/ fatchun does not have a long lens

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Original posted by ctakming at 22/03/2016 17:57
1. The topic is originally for discussion of the feather loss and the health of the loon. Noone has given a name of those people who hired a boat for following the loon. Who changed the direction of d ...
Some interesting points you make Chief Justice Ming.

1.        “The topic WAS originally for the discussion of the feather loss.”
Indeed, and by posting slightly higher resolution photos taken with a slightly longer lens than some of the others here means that I am changing the direction of the topic?  Or were you referring to my reply to Kmatthew regarding the boat?  If so, it maybe your style to point fingers only without evidence but it is in my interest to clarify my position.  If you feel that by replying to someone’s post is incorrect than I am in the wrong.
@Geoff, my apologizes for changing the direction of your thread.

2.        “The loon was not afraid of the hundreds of boats in the harbour because those boats were not chasing after it.”
Cannot agree with you more on this point, however, Kmatthew also confirmed that my boat was not the one he was referring to.  But that is of course if he is not a liar and a source of information which Justice Ming deems reliable.

3.        “… he decided to become one of those “disturber in the subsequent hours of the day and on the following days”
Interesting conspiracy theory but when I was on the beach, as suggested by Guy Miller, a local resident who has been observing the loon since last Monday requested, we stayed well away from the “landing zone” of the loon and in fact, I was assisting Guy Miller to clear the area in order to leave room for the bird to land if it so wished earlier that day (19th March 2016).
As for “…on the following days”, I think you might wish to check with your “reliable sources” because you may find that I was in Long Valley on the Sunday and not on Lamma Island.

4.        “why his information is the only reliable source?”
I do not believe that my information is the only reliable source, I believe that the neutrals, someone not labelled as a “photographer” nor one associated with “Hong Kong Wildlife” otherwise known as “Bad Milk” to most maybe also be considered reliable.  You may well find that the two accounts may well match, this would normally indicate that this was in fact the truth.

“BTW, it is difficult to have a meaningful discussion with someone who did something wrong but deny it by telling lies to other people not in the scene.”
It is also difficult to have a meaningful discussion about feather lost to a loon when all you seem to be interested is to point fingers and make false accusations.

As for your level of English, I am not an English teacher and hence do not consider myself an expert on the topic therefore will not comment.

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