[Tropicbirds] Red-throated Loon - feather damage

Dear all

I write to share some of my past experience with the same species but at Sai Kung, a bird found by Mr John Edge. The bird was in water but for some time landed to roost. Waterbirds land to roost, this is natural enough, not just to rest an injured body.

Birds like other vertebrates (animals with backbones) have brains enough to kep distance from possible danger. Different birds keep different distances they think safe. What matters for decent humans(有人格) who can apply 'What they don't like won't apply the same upon others (己所不欲, 勿施於人即其牠生物)' here should take care that they stop going near the loon when it starts to lurch away. That's simple and easy enough to observe.

Besides, the bird will linger longer on the same spot for more people to see. Wild animals are not toys or domestic animals. Don't touch, capture or tempt to bait them for photographic effects which is pure selfishness (失格) which make us people hateful.

S L Tai

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