[Tropicbirds] Red-throated Loon - feather damage

1. The topic is originally for discussion of the feather loss and the health of the loon. Noone has given a name of those people who hired a boat for following the loon. Who changed the direction of discussion?
2. The loon was not afraid of hundreds of boats in the harbour because those boats were not chasing after it. Obviously, the loon was continuously swimming away from the chasing boats in order to keep a safe distance from them.
3. The loon wants to rest on beach due to unknown reason. If someone said the people on the beach were disturbing the bird, why he decided to become one of those "disturber" in the subsequent hours of the day and on the following days?
4. If all other consistent information given by many people who were present in the scene is biased and incorrect, why his information is the only reliable source?

BTW, it is difficult to have a meaningful discussion with someone who did something wrong but deny it by telling lies to other people not in the scene.
Sorry, my English is terrible because it is not a necessity in my life.