A Suggestion

I would agree with the above suggestions by the two Geoffs and Mike about organising the photographs on a species basis.

The old BBS site was very valuable in terms of honeing  ID skills but there was the problem that photos and comments could be scattered across 2-3 different sections of the BBS making access to the material rather difficult & time-consuming.

Putting all the photographs (and ID comments) into one folder at species level with other closely related species a mouse-click away could make this site truly excellent. Think how useful it would be, to take one example, to have all the photos of the Hong Kong accipiters put into single species files but grouped together generically. This would enable straightforward access to numerous photos of, say Besra, and would enable easy comparison with photos of Crested Goshawk, Chinese Goshawk, Jap Sparrowhawk and  Eurasian Sparrowhawk (although there seem to be surprisingly few photos of the last two available!!)

I would also stress that the ID comments made on specific photos should be retained to indicate what exactly makes the bird what it is e.g the recent Asian Lesser Cuckoo and Chestnut Bittern on Po Toi. Many of the finer points of ID are not covered in the Birds of Hong Kong and  South China and unfortunately at the current time this part of the world lacks the equivalent of the Collins Bird Guide to the birds of Britain & Europe.

A re-worked BBS in the way suggested by Geoff Carey would be very useful in going some way to making up this deficit.

David Diskin