A Suggestion

I agree with Geoff's suggestion. I think we should have a seperate slot for each individual species.

One way is to adopt the same groupings as, which allows you to get to individual species using 3 keystrokes. I'm sure many of us are familiar with the orientalbirdimage website and I would think that all the species we need are identified there, so a map for the site is already available. Or we can use the official HK bird list as a single list.

As Geoff says, one problem is to ensure that birds are correctly identified and posted. I don't know how OBI does this or whether it just relies on the photographer making the correct posting. But some sort of review and reallocation system must be available. Perhaps all new photos should go into a 'holding tray' for say 1 week to allow time for the experts to review the id before they are posted into the main file.

Geoff Welch