A Suggestion

I would like to strongly support Geoff W's suggestion, and Geoff C's too.

Specifically, I too was using the OrientalBird Images site just yesterday and it made me wonder why we can't have basically the same taxonomically rigorous, well-laid out, yet essentially simple system for organising our photos, which are, as Geoff C. has pointed out, a resource of inestimable value for ALL of us, from complete beginners to the very most knowledgeable birders in HK, and indeed anywhere.

As Geoff W. says we need some kind of triage system for id checking, and aging/sexing of birds in photos before posting - I and I'm sure others would be willing to play a role in that if required, though we'd frequently need to check others' opinions too, and occasionally mistakes might be made, as they have been with photos on the OB site, but they can be questioned and rectified if necessary.

Viney et al cannot, in my opinion, be used as a basis for sequencing as for perfectly valid, but non-scientific reasons given on p. 7 (Arrangement) they have created their own sequence.

If the OB type approach is adopted you just build in the Avifauna order and photos are pasted accordingly.

NB a difference between our image base and the OB's would be that we would probably have many pictures of a relatively limited no. of species (mostly photographed in HK, certainly in the region), whereas OB has fewer pics of many more species from a much wider geographical area.

Mike Turnbull