RC decisions 2018

RC decisions 2018

At the meeting of the Records Committee on 23 January 2018, the following decisions were made.

Additions to Cat. I of the HK List
Black Noddy Anous minutus on 18 June 2017 at Kung Chau.
Chinese Bush Warbler Locustella tacsanowskia, singles trapped at Mai Po on 5th and 30 September 2014.
Rook Corvus frugilegus from 1 November 2017 into 2018 at Mai Po and Lut Chau.

The HK List now stands at 552 species in Cat. I and Cat. II.

A record of Iceland Gull remains under review, while the category of Desert Wheatear on 19 February 2013 remains under discussion.

Records of putative Large-billed Leaf Warblers on Po Toi in spring 2016 and 2017 were reviewed with Per Alstrom, whose conclusion was that these were all Arctic Warblers showing atypically dark legs and/or bill. Jonathan Martinez also reported having seen such birds on migration in south China. Consequently, Large-billed Leaf Warbler is not on the HK List.

Sound recordings of various taxa of Oriental Scops Owl Otus sunia were reviewed, including recordings made in HK on 19-20 April, 17 May and 13 June 2000. It was agreed that the latter all matched the southern subspecies malayanus; currently, only stictonotus is known from HK. A paper is under preparation.

The publication of updated versions of the IOC List has resulted in a small number of changes to nomenclature of birds recorded in HK. These are incorporated in the updated HK List.

Geoff Carey
Chairman, Records Committee





新增以下鳥種至 “香港鳥類名錄” 第 I 類
玄燕鸥 (Black Noddy Anous minutus) --於2017年6月18日在弓洲錄得;
中華短翅鶯 (Chinese Bush Warbler Locustella tacsanowskia -於2014年9月5日和30日在米埔網獲錄得單隻記錄;
秃鼻烏鴉 (Rook Corvus frugilegus) -- 於2017年11月1日至2018年在米埔和甩洲錄得。

"香港鳥類名錄" 第 I 及第 II 類共有552種。

目前委員會正在覆核的記錄包括冰島鷗 (Iceland Gull)*,以及於2013年2月19日錄得的漠䳭 (Desert Wheatear),有關討論仍在進行。

於2016年和2017年春天,曾有於蒲台島錄得烏嘴柳鶯 (Large-billed Leaf Warbler)的報告。委員會將有關紀錄送交至Per Alstrom** 覆核,鑑定為極北柳鶯 (Arctic Warbler),有非典型的深色腳和/或嘴部。此外,有資深會員Jonathan Martinez 觀察到該形態的鳥種於華南是有遷徙。因此,烏嘴柳鶯並未有加入至香港鳥類名錄。

有關會議亦覆核了東方角鴞 (Oriental Scops Owl Otus sunia) 多個亞種聲音的記錄,包括曾於2000年4月19-20日、5月17日和6月13日錄得的鳴聲。委員會同意有關鳴聲接近南方亞種malayanus,但目前已知本港的亞種為stictonotus,現時會就有關記錄撰寫文章。

在最新一期世界鳥類名錄,有部份鳥類的分類作出了一些改動,因此 “香港鳥類名錄” 亦作出了相應的更新。

賈知行 (Geoff Carey)

* 根據最新世界鳥類名錄,泰氏銀鷗(Thayer's Gull) 已納入冰島鷗 (Iceland Gull) 的一個亞種
** Per Alstrom 是瑞典農業科學大學瑞典物種資訊中心教授,是鶯類專家


At the meeting of the Records Committee on 25 April 2018, the following additions to the HK List were agreed.

Category I

Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus. One filmed at Nam Sang Wai by TVB on 13 March 2018. Communication with TVB confirmed that the footage was not sourced elsewhere.

Category III

Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae on 24 June 2016 sound recorded at Kop Tong Village.

Monk Parakeet Myiopstitta monachus photographed on 12 October 2016 at Long Valley.

Maroon Oriole Oriolus traillii photographed on 30 March 2017 on Po Toi. Research based on photographs and skins indicated that this bird appears to be the Taiwanese taxon O.t. ardens. However, correspondence with Taiwan observers indicates that it is not known to make regular movements away from its breeding grounds, and is considered rare on the Taiwanese coast.

Desert Wheatear Oenanthe deserti photographed at HK International Airport on 19 February 2013. Damage and missing feathers indicated this bird is likely to have been ex-captive.

In addition, Version 8.1 of the IOC List amended the taxon of Black-backed Swamphen from Porphyrio indicus viridis to Porphyrio poliocephalus viridis, a change in line with (though not in response to) the previous RC assessment. It was agreed to change the English name to Grey-headed Swamphen accordingly.

The HK List now stands at 553 species in Categories I and II. In the twenty years since the period covered by the Avifauna, the HK List has increased by 105 species (23%).

Geoff Carey
RC Chairman

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記錄委員會於2018年4月25日的會議,決定新增以下鳥種至 “香港鳥類名錄”:

第 I 類
鐵爪鵐 (Lapland Longspur Calcarius lapponicus) -- 電視廣播有限公司於2018年3月13日在南生圍拍攝。經過與該電視台溝通,確定有關片段並非來自其他途徑。

第 III 類

笑翠鳥 (Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae) -- 2016年6月24日在蛤塘村的聲音記錄。

灰胸鸚哥 (Monk Parakeet Myiopstitta monachus) -- 2016年10月12日在塱原的照片記錄。

朱鸝 (Maroon Oriole Oriolus traillii) -- 2017年3月30日在蒲台島的照片記錄。經過查考不同的照片及標本,相信該鳥是台灣亞種(O.t. ardens)。其後我們從台灣觀察者得知,有關鳥種沒有於繁殖地以外定期移動的情況,而且在很少於台灣的海岸附近活動。

漠䳭 (Desert Wheatear Oenanthe deserti) --  2013年2月19日在香港國際機場的照片記錄。由破損及欠缺羽毛的情況看來,該鳥可能是曾經逃逸。

此外,世界鳥類名錄V.8.1修正了黑背紫水雞 (Black-backed Swamphen)的學名,由Porphyrio indicus viridis改為Porphyrio poliocephalus viridis,這與本委員會較早前的評估一致 (雖然不是回應意見),現時名字改為紫水雞 (Grey-headed Swamphen)

"香港鳥類名錄" 第 I 及第 II 類共有553種。由出版 Avifauna*之後,過去20年,香港鳥類名錄共增加了105種 (23%)。

賈知行 (Geoff Carey)

* Carey, G.J., Chalmers, M.L., Diskin, D.A., Kennerley, P.R., Leader, P.J., Leven, M.R., Lewthwaite, R.W., Melville, D.S., Turnbull, M., Young, L. 2001. The Avifauna of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. Hong Kong.

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At the meeting of the Records Committee on 9 August 2018, the following decisions were made.

Recent DNA analysis of Riparia martins indicates that birds occurring in Hong Kong are the east Siberia taxon ijimae of R. riparia (Sand Martin); the results were published in Schweizer et al. 2018 in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution ( There are currently no HK records of fohkienensis (PaleMartin R. diluta).
It was agreed to add Sand Martin to the HK List and remove Pale Martin

The inclusion by the IOC of Horornis(diphone) canturians within H. borealis means that ‘Japanese Bush Warbler H. diphone’ must be removed from the HK List. The scientific name of Manchurian Bush Warbler changes to H. canturians, with two subspecies: nominate canturians and borealis.

In view of the lack of compelling reasons otherwise, it was decided to remove Caspian Gull, and treat mongolicus as a subspecies of Vega Gull Larus vegae, in line with IOC treatment.

The HK List now stands at 551 species in Category I and II.


The following species were added to Cat III of HK List:

- Sahel Paradise Whydah Vidua orientalis (one recorded at Tuen Mun on 12 October 2016).
- Cordilleran Parakeet Psittacara frontatus (one recorded at Long Valley on 17 October 2016).

In the interests of maintaining some stability and to make it slightly easier for those submitting records at the end of each calendar year, it was agreed that an updated HK list including taxonomic changes would be published once a year, in January.

It was agreed to remove White-spectacled Warbler from the list of species requiring an Unusual Report Form to be submitted.

It was also agreed to accept without further substantiation field records of Sakhalin and Pale-legged Leaf Warblers in which the call was heard clearly enough to differentiate between the higher frequency call of Pale-legged and the lower frequency call of Sakhalin (see Hungnon et al. Forktail 33 (2017): 77-80). It should be noted that the calls of the two are very similar in structure, but that careful attention to the pitch, especially in comparison with other species, should allow identification. The typical call of Pale-legged Leaf Warbler is at a frequency of around 5700hz, which is similar to that of Yellow-browed Warbler, while the typical call of Sakhalin is at a frequency of around 4700hz, somewhat lower.

The latest version of the IOC List (8.2) includes a number of other changes relevant to the HK List, including the split of the Magpie complex, the inclusion of Seicercus within Phylloscopus and the placement of Locustella species within Helopsaltes.

Geoff Carey
RC Chairman

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第 I 類

最近有燕科沙燕屬 (Riparia) 的DNA研究,顯示香港的是崖沙燕 (Sand Martin R. riparia),屬於西伯利亞東面ijimae亞種。有關研究結果刊登於期刊 Schweizer et al. 2018 in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution)。目前香港並無fohkienensis亞種的淡色沙燕 (Pale Martin R. diluta) 。因此本委員會同意新增崖沙燕至 “香港鳥類名錄”,並移除淡色沙燕。

最新的 “世界鳥類名錄”(V8.2) 新增的 Horornis (diphone) canturiansH. borealis並列,這指出以往的日本樹鶯 (Japanese Bush Warbler H. diphone)會從 “香港鳥類名錄” 移除,而遠東樹鶯 (Manchurian Bush Warbler) 的學名則更改為H. canturians,其亞種包括指名亞種canturians 、以及borealis

此外,本委員會亦決定跟隨 “世界鳥類名錄” 的安排,移除蒙古銀鷗 (Caspian Gull),並將其亞種mongolicus 納入織女銀鷗 Vega Gull Larus vegae

"香港鳥類名錄" 第 I 及第 II 類共有551種

第 III 類

以下鳥種新增至 "香港鳥類名錄" 第III類:

北維達雀 (Sahel Paradise Whydah Vidua orientalis) – 2016年10月12日在屯門錄得

紅額鸚哥 (Cordilleran Parakeet Psittacara frontatus) -- 2016年10月17日在塱原錄得

考慮到維持名錄內容的穩定性,方便會員於年底提交記錄,因此本委員會同意最新版本的 "香港鳥類名錄" (包含更新的學名),將會每年一月份出版一次。

其他鳥種方面,本委員會決定白眶鶲鶯 (White-spectacled Warbler) 的記錄無須提交 “罕見雀鳥記錄表”。

本委員會亦同意接納庫頁島柳鶯 (Sakhalin Leaf Warbler) 和淡腳柳鶯 (Pale-legged Leaf Warbler) 的聲音記錄無須提交詳細記錄資料。有關鳥種的聲音可以清晰判別,淡腳柳鶯音頻較高,而庫頁島柳鶯則較低(詳細請參考 Hungnon et al. Forktail 33 (2017): 77-80*)。牠們的鳴聲結構似乎差不多,但只要細心聆聽,作出對比,是可以分辨的。一般淡腳柳鶯的音頻大約是5700hz,接近黃眉柳鶯;而庫頁島柳鶯的音頻則較低,大約是4700hz。

最新的 ”世界鳥類名錄”(V8.2) 亦包含了不少改變,因而 "香港鳥類名錄"亦作出了相應的調整。這包括了喜鵲 (Magpie complex)的最新分類、鶲鶯由Seicercus屬改為柳鶯 Phylloscopus屬,而蝗鶯由 Locustella 屬改為 Helopsaltes屬。


賈知行 (Geoff Carey)


Chananya Hungnon, Jenjit Khudamrongsawat, Sontaya Manawattana, Andrew J. Pierce & Philip D. Round. 2017. Distinguishing between Sakhalin Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus borealoides and Pale-legged Leaf Warbler P. tenellipes on call Forktail 33: 77-80

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