2018 Homantin Autumn

What an amazing place! It's fantastic that all these birds are being seen and reported here. I wish my local patch was so rewarding in terms of migrants.

However, I would like to point out that the Society, and in particular the Records Committee and those compiling the Systematic List in the HKBR, would really like these records to be submitted in the Excel file we provide. That way, the records can be stored in an easily-accessible and searchable, permanent database. Records that are only submitted as posts on the website require volunteers (and at the moment I believe it is mainly one volunteer) to spend many hours harvesting and entering the records.

So, if you do only submit records here, please give a thought to the people involved in this work, and make an effort to enter everything of interest you observe into an Excel file. I would imagine that you could enter the data into Excel first, and then simply copy and paste the records here, which would mean the minimum of additional work on your part. If you do decide to do this, just add a note that records will be submitted year-end in Excel format.

Many thanks for your help!

Geoff Carey
RC Chairman