Comments/Suggestion to the new portal/forums

I have been reading the new forum for a while but only had the push to register yesterday. Boy, that was not a straight forward process! ops:  :shock: I did not count exactly, but I think I must have failed about 10 times before I can successfully register! ops: I felt totally intimidated and almost gave up on it. I wonder how many people has gone through a similar experience... :roll: May be I am getting old and less wise... Given that I have been in the IT industry for more than 20 years and I consider myself reasonably computer literate, I just worry that some members with less background may even have more difficulty than I had and be scared away... :cry:

I must say though I deeply appreciate the efforts Forrest and the IT team has put into this project and I believe they have done a tremedous job in getting this up and running! Perhaps the software itself was to blame for these user unfriendly features... :evil: I hope that it will improve as we gather more experiences in using it.

The last of my 2 cents worth: sharing similar feelings with some other members, I am also intrigued by the need to force users to use an unfamiliar name which is hard-wired to their real chinese name. Apart from privacy concerns, some (like me) was almost never known by that name for most of his/her life. I think people can live with that eventually, but it just feels odd... :roll:
Angus Lau