[Hong Kong] Bird ID (TPK)

Bird ID (TPK)

Good morning.

I shot this bird by chance at Tai Po Kau on Sunday. It moved actively among a big bird wave.  This bird only stayed in sight very briefly.  I can’t be sure about its size but guess it’s about 13cm.

Anyone has idea what it is please?


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Thank you gents for sharing thoughts!

I was almost convinced that it’s a Hainan blue.  But if the plumages on the breast, belly and under tail can still be seen as grey against the sunlight, Hainan blue’s wings and back should still appear to be blue (rather than black).

Pied bushchat is possible but the one I saw seems lacking the white patch on the wing.

Anyway, I will keep Hainan blue, pied bushchat and also Jerdon’s bushchat in mind next time I check out that place again.


Thanks wcaptain for your views.

I’ll take it as a Hainan BF.