ringed birds sighted on 18Apr2023

ringed birds sighted on 18Apr2023

18Apr2023 MaiPo broadwalk
common greenshank ET

Curlew sandpiper IM

Common Redshank Z4,Curlew Sandpiper TA

Common Redshank VH DF UT
Common Redshank M4


Thank you very much.

ET is a Redshank. It was ringed on 10-Sep-2021. It was reported 8 times at Mai Po.

Z4 was ringed on 20-Sep-2020, reported 34 times at Mai Po.

VH was ringed recently on 27-Dec-2022, reported 3 times at Mai Po and once in Shenzhen Futian.

DF was ringed on 4-Feb-2022, reported 6 times at Mai Po.

UT was ringed on 28-Sep-2022. This is the 1st sighting.

M4 was ringed on 10-Nov-2018, reported 30 times at Mai Po and Shenzhen Futian in the past 5 winter period. Also, reported twice in Mongolia near Ulaanbataar(May-2020 and Jun-2021), presumably breed there.

For Curlew Sandpiper, we have not use IM.

Curlew Sandpiper TA was ringed on 29-Apr-2022 and reported once in May-2022.

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